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FullSync Changelog

  1. Version 0.10.4 (5 April 2016):
  2. Version 0.10.3 (5 March 2016):
  3. Version 0.10.2 (1 September 2013):
    • Improved the formatting of the Size column in the Task Decision dialog.
    • Slightly reduced memory consumption.
    • Updated French translations special thanks to farvardin.
  4. Version 0.10.1 (10 February 2013):
    • SFTP: fix remembering the SSH Host key in case the .ssh directory did not exist already.
    • Added more resolutions to the FullSync icon.
    • FTP: added a select box to switch between Anonymous and User/Password authentication.
    • Speed up the synchronization process considerably.
  5. Version 0.10.0 (3 December 2012):
    • Updated all bundled libraries to their latest version.
    • Added 64-bit support.
    • Initial attempt at mac support (needs testers!).
    • Added support for public key authentication for SFTP connections.
    • Removed exit confirmation if there are no tasks scheduled.
    • Added FullSync Launcher, since FullSync now uses the current SWT implementation it needs to have a launcher to select the correct SWT implementation at runtime.
    • Moved the profiles, preferences and log file to ~/.config/fullsync/ (XDG_CONFIG_HOME) or C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\.config\fullsync\ for Windows.
    • New commons-vfs source and destination browser should work now, certainly not fine, but it works.
    • Added a file filter for simplyfied ruleset. The filter is a replacement for the ignore/accept patterns. Old profiles with regexp patterns are automatically converted to this new file filter.
    • Added wildcards as ignore/accept patterns (regexp was default till now) in simplyfied syncrules.
    • Changed the ignore/accept pattern behaviour. Now if the ignore pattern is empty but the accept is not empty, then everything is ignored but what matches the accept pattern.
  6. Version 0.9.1 (8 March 2005):
    • Added compatible and passive url-query options to FTP-URLs.
    • compatible=true should solve the problem with - and spaces in paths (bug #1090385) this really needs gui support!
    • Added FullSync internal logging (say loggers per class,...)
    • Added French localization
    • Added Spanish localization
  7. Version 0.7.1 (18 September 2004):
    • Now showing process of synchronization process (very alpha).
    • Now showing size of files (source only).
    • Processor was keeping changed rulesets in parent. now it's reverting to old ruleset (badly coded).
    • Buffered dirs no longer require full scan of destination filesystem if all is in sync (not really tested much, but works a lot faster now).
    • Now you can filter the actions to see only items where actions will occur.
    • Corrected BufferStateDecider (was using buffered FileAttributes).
    • Store and load syncfiles using gzip.
    • FTP now uses -a parameter to find files beginning with . as well.
  8. Version 0.7.0 (22 August 2004):
    • Initial release.
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